As a professional writer, publicist, instructor from Connecticut, U.S.A. I’ve been involved in a wide variety of projects for more than 35 years, mostly in higher ed, but also in aerospace, architecture, a CofC, journalism. I’ve been piloting a required course for six years, the IDS 101 Cornerstone Seminar, at Charter Oak State College, one of America’s top two online colleges serving older learners, founded in 1973. I have created alumni profiles booklets for college marketing and could spin that off to some other “education entrepreneur.” Also with a colleague from University of Hartford I have taught, on-site but with online LMS as needed, a quality improvement class in business writing, grammar, communications.  The latest was at Qualidigm. I started a publishing house, Emanations Press (my cover photo on this site page).  I have three degrees including a BA in Communication Arts, Fordham College; MA, English & American Literature, Trinity College (’91), with thesis on George Orwell. I maintain a College Research Sharing group on LinkedIn, and am interested in new ways to facilitate research collaboration.

This is an alumni profiles booklet I wrote for Cambridge College

This was for Pacific Oaks College


One thought on “Consulting”

  1. “Disruptive Innovation”…very thought provoking. In looking up The Christensen Institute, I found the concept of blended learning very exciting. It is something new to me other than general discussions, and I can see what promise it holds for meaningful education. My youngest graduates high school in June and he would have really “sailed” with this.


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This is about scholarship and ways of knowing, including college research. Share and/or explore scholarship, and perhaps explain findings in terms of issues and values that are important for our future and the common good.

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