1929 Packard Roadster 640




This 1929 Packard Roadster 640 custom has been in the family about 62 years.   It has won a number of trophies in Connecticut, including the Klingberg Family Centers Lou Biondi Concours, and at the Connecticut Junior Republic (CJR) via the Litchfield Hills Historical Auto Club.  It has been featured at  a Great Gatsby party in New Canaan, and a Roaring ’20s benefit for CJR at the Torrington Country Club.  It had been turned into a tow truck in the 1930s or ’40s and restored back into a Roadster around 1955 by “Charlie Walker.” One of the last of the true open cars.  Production 9,801. Side valve straight 8, 384.8 ci, 105 bhp. Wheelbase 140”. Three gears (straight). Crankshaft in 9 main bearings. Bore & stroke 3 ½ x 5. Max speed 85 mph. Weight 4,285 lbs. Sold new for $3,175-$5,000. 1929 Packard Roadster 640


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